Here's what clients are saying about Commercial-Voiceover.com
"I've never had a Production Guy who can do what you do, both writing and production.  It really adds to my show!
John Records Landecker, Hall of Fame Personality, 720-WGN Chicago.

"I could not do any of these projects without you J.R."
Nathan Trowbridge, Creative Services Producer, KGWN-TV CBS-5

"It's a pleasure to work with you. We have so many diverse clients and you are the
go-to guy for 90% of my needs!"
Chris Tarbox, Creative Producer, Comcast Spotlight

"I LOVE how your delivery can sound so DIFFERENT on different commercials and promos."
Joan Turner, GM, KGWN-TV CBS-5

"I REALLY liked the reads.  This is going to be a great way to handle a lot of our VO work. Thanks for finding us."
Marty Adamshick, VP Program Dir. WCVI-TV CW-23

"I like very much what I hear. I get a lot of DJ type reads.  But, you've got a much nicer, subtle sell thing going, and I plan to use that."
John Schrank, Production Manager, WGME CBS-13

"Our Program Manager forwarded your email on to me. I checked out your demo's on your website...sounds really good."
Brad Ruggles, Production Manager.  KLJB-TV FOX 18 / KGWB-TV WB 26

"The line that seemed to impress the bookkeepers was the voice talent cost."
Ron Klohs, KHNL News 8/K5 The Home Team

"I listened to your work and liked it. It is easy to hear the experience and enthusiasm
for the art in your voice."
Rob Holt, Voice-over Casting Director, MikeLemonCasting

"Really creative stuff.  Thanks!"
Dave Bisson, C.D., WOOD-TV NBC-8

"The dealer said he wants attention without yelling.  You hit just the right energy!"
Mike Elrod, GM, WABG-TV ABC-6

"Thanks for being so accommodating. We appreciate it."
Dan Edwards, WXHL-FM

"The spots sound GREAT! Thanks!"
Angie Parks, Summit Media Pros Agency

"You can really do a lot of different-sounding stuff.  That's perfect for what I need."
Robert Ewing, Dallas Productions Agency

"(the spot) sounded GREAT! I'm still waiting for client approval but I was very happy
with it. Thanks."
Brad Ruggles, KLJB FOX-18