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J.R. Russ

Time and time again, people have told me "You have a GREAT voice." The fact is…it is medium-range and not in the range of say, John Facenda (…the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field). Since deciding to enter the field in 1970, I have been told by station owners, managers and "experts" that I would never last in broadcasting because I didn’t have the "pipes". Some thirty years later, I am proud to have worked at a number of stations and networks including the major markets of Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore and Buffalo. These include stints at several #1 stations, a national recreational report network and worldwide on the Voice of America. I guess they weren’t so "expert" after all!

Realizing that I wasn't "Bobby Big-voice", I made the decision early-on to compensate by becoming a "voice actor". I worked hard on my delivery by becoming very animated and by using enunciation, pronunciation, inflection, dialect and energy in order to best tell the client’s story.

I invite you to compare my production with so many of the other demos you may have. Mentally "remove" the music, sound effects and other voices and more often than not, you will find that every cut on those OTHER demos sound the same. The same delivery, the same inflection…the same as everybody else. With J. R. Russ, you get true variety and versatility.

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